Our Toddler Program is designed to meet the needs of children 2 to 3 years old. Children at this age are taking in everything around them through their senses. Dr. Montessori referred to this phase of development as the “absorbent mind” and many parents notice that their toddler wants to mimic everything they do. As Teacher/Guides, we take advantage of this desire to mimic the adult by modelling for the child how to take care of their own needs. For example: we model or guide them on how to wash their hands properly, how to cough into their elbow, how to hang up their own jacket, and how to handle their own toileting needs; allowing and encouraging them to become more and more independent. This is also the time in a child’s life when there is “an explosion of oral language.” For this reason, we provide many opportunities for speech and vocabulary development. We also provide many supports for the Toddler’s burgeoning large and small motor skills development. This age child also demands order and consistency, therefore, everything from the way the classroom materials are laid out to our daily routines, is carefully planned to enhance and facilitate this need for order. Click here for Tuition and Fees information.