Here is what some of our parents have to say about our preschool:


“We would like to thank the director and teachers at KMCP for being excellent educators to my two children!   We appreciate your valuable time, your patience, your daily/weekly feedback regarding my children’s learning and behavior and your ability to teach our children.

My two children love going to  KMCP because you make them feel like home even with those Montessori lessons.  One of the many wonderful things at KMCP that we like to participate is Classroom Observation where we get to observe our children interact with their classroom environment and choose learning areas that interest themselves such as Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Geography/Cultural, Science and even Snack Time.   It is a great feeling to see my two children interact well with their classmates and teachers and interest in learning and exploring new things during this development stage.

Thank KMCP very much for everything you have done to our family thus far!”

      – Tin & Jessica

“We are very pleased that we chose the Kernersville Moravian Church Preschool (KMCP) as the preschool for our two children. Our children have received a thoughtful, caring, positive, and nurturing experience with a Montesorri-style of learning and this has helped them to grow, learn, and be able to do much more on their own. The teachers are excellent and our children are always excited to head to school in the morning.

Our daughter has attended this school for four years, two in the younger classroom and two in the older classroom. We are positive that she is well prepared for kindergarten as she is already able do to some basic reading/spelling, tell time, and basic addition in addition to working with numbers in the hundreds. In addition to traditional academic learning, she has very much enjoyed learning about geography as well as sewing, weaving, and other practical life skills.

Our son has attended for two years in the younger classroom and has also made lots of progress. He really enjoys numbers, puzzles, and working on his letters while pushing himself to catch up to his older sister. The teachers have been great about encouraging him and helping him to become more confident.

Both children have really enjoyed having parts in the performances each year and love learning all of the new songs and stories. Our children have been treated with kindness and encouragement from the teachers and staff at KMCP as well as the other students and families. We are pleased with our decision to have our children attend KMCP and highly recommend it.”

      – David & Ellie

“We love Kernersville Moravian Church Preschool!  Our son attended the preschool for two years.  We were thoroughly impressed with the academic rigor and differentiated instruction he received in the older class.  He learned to read and developed a solid foundation in number sense.  He also enjoyed learning about geography, sewing, singing songs, and participating in the annual Christmas performance.  Our son was well prepared for Kindergarten.

Our daughter started the younger class this year as a two year old.  We have been equally impressed with the educational experiences provided in this class.  She is learning letter sounds and counting.  She enjoys a variety of hands on activities that are preparing her for future academic success.  The preschool has helped her grow in confidence and independence.  Every morning she is eager to go to school and each afternoon she reports that she had a “great day!”

All of the teachers at Kernersville Moravian Church Preschool work together to create a positive, caring, and supportive learning environment.  It is a blessing to know that my child is treated with love and kindness at school.  We have appreciated having our children attend a church school, where they learn more about God through songs and the staff’s Christian example.

Kernersville Moravian Church Preschool provides high quality education in a loving environment.  We are thankful for the positive difference the preschool has made in our children’s lives!”

      – Brandi & John