We offer several features to our “Extended Day” program options. If you have a Toddler or young 3 year old who still takes a daily nap, you can enroll your child in our basic plan.  These children stay for lunch (with lunch brought from home), have an afternoon recess and then enjoy a nap/rest time for the rest of the afternoon.  (Children are allowed to get up after 30 minutes if they have not fallen asleep) and choose  ‘fun works” from the shelf to play with quietly while their classmates are still sleeping.  These children do not receive any afternoon lessons.

However, if your older child (age 4 – 6) is enrolled in our pre-k or kindergarten program, they also will eat lunch at school, have a afternoon recess and then have afternoon instruction in the “Cultural Arts.”  Lessons in cooking, sewing, weaving and a variety of other pursuits designed to develop concentration and small motor skills are given.  These children also receive further instruction in Science and Geography, via an introduction to ‘in-depth’ research projects (geared to their developmental level).  Recent topics of discovery have been: “Travel across America,”  “The Life Cycle of Butterflies,” “Biomes and Animal Habitats,” and “Native American Cultures.”